How much money can I make by selling eBooks online?

Nowadays, most people prefer reading books online instead of purchasing hard copies. It is, of course, much more convenient than carrying books around in your bag. It is especially easy for students because they often have to take heavy textbooks to school or college. Now, they can just buy eBook versions of their textbooks and have them in the palms of their hands with minimal physical effort.

This is the perfect time to explore online eBooks business opportunities due to rapidly increasing demand. In order to start an eBook business online, you will have to set up an online store. There are several platforms that you can use to sell your eBooks.

One way to sell eBooks online is to make a Facebook page. It is quite easy to advertise your page and promote it. Just pay a small amount to Facebook and your page will be advertised to the relevant audience. On your page, you can post about all the books that are available for sale. Your customers can then send you messages about their inquiries, or visit your shop and purchase their favorite books online.

Another way to sell eBooks on the internet is to build your own website. You can set up a website very easily these days. WordPress offers many themes for online stores that you can implement into a blog. That way you can engage your audience with quality content as well as sell eBooks online. There are also many eBooks websites templates available these days. These templates are pre-coded designs for websites. You can easily integrate these designs onto your domain according to your needs. You will be conducting transactions over the internet. For that, you will need a template that supports an image gallery and lets customers browse the store. Therefore, it will have to be interactive. In addition, the online payment feature will be a necessity. Safe and secure banking will make business easier and simpler for both you and your customers.

Now you must be wondering about the important question. Would a book business be worth the effort? If you decide to sell eBooks online, will it give you satisfactory returns? Like any other business, this one will need a heavy investment. You not only put in your tangible resources but also your precious time. It is safe to say that your efforts and time will not go in vain if you are able to kick-start your business the right way. You need to prepare a business model and develop interesting marketing techniques.

The business itself will be conducted entirely online. You alone will be handling your entire setup. This means you will not have to share your profits with anyone else. All the money that comes in will be yours to decide what to do with. The profits will go into your pocket.


Now, for writers who decide to sell eBooks online, this field has proved to be a good source of income. Self-publishing is becoming increasingly common. If you are a writer, you will have a lot more benefits of starting an online eBooks business. You will save on all third-party costs. If you cannot start from scratch, you can always seek help from existing stores like Amazon. You will have to give them a share of the profits, but your sales might boost up because of their notably wide customer base. Outreach will be a lot easier, even if you are to launch your debut book.

Researchers say that by the year 2018, global revenues generated from eBook sales each year is likely to cross $8 billion. Keeping in mind the relatively low amount of investment this business requires, it is definitely a good area for you to explore.

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