How does selling books on Chegg work?

If you are thinking of exploring online eBooks business opportunities, you are going in the right direction. Our everyday lives are slowly becoming completely technology- and internet-dependent. Every single activity is now handled online or on smart devices. The same goes for reading. Whether it is a textbook or a novel, most of us now download a softcopy from the internet and read it on some hand-held device. Therefore, it is a good idea to invest in some kind of book business.

If you wish to sell eBooks or hard copies of books online, you will first have to establish an online presence. To build a website, you can use one of the many eBooks websites templates available online. They have all the essential features coded beforehand. You will just have to buy a domain and integrate the theme into it. Since you will be building a store, you will have to select a theme according to your needs. For example, it should have an interactive interface, and have an image gallery and online payment options.

If you do not want to go to the trouble of setting up your own domain, there are alternate options available. Some stores, such as, already sell a lot of items of all kinds. Books are one of them. You could simply market your books on one of these stores. The process is quite easy to go through. There is another option available for you: organizations that deal exclusively in books. Many websites online buy and sell eBooks and hard copies. One of these is Chegg.

Chegg is mainly a website that helps its subscribers with homework and assignments. They also provide solutions to textbook questions. This is why they often buy many books. Here, you can sell eBooks online. The entire process is quite simple.

First, you go to their website and type in the ISBN of the textbook that you are looking to sell. An ISBN is a number that is unique for each book that is published. It is either ten or thirteen digits long. It is written above the barcode on the back cover of the book. Chegg will then tell you how much your book is worth to them. Once you get a quote, you can then decide whether you want to proceed further or not.

In the case that you choose to go ahead and sell eBooks to Chegg, you will then ship the book to them. The greatest thing about selling to Chegg, besides the offer that you cannot refuse, is that shipping is on them. If you are selling them a hard copy, they will cover the cost of transportation. All you have to do is print a shipping label that ensures free shipping for you. Next, pack the books in a box, and deposit them at your local branch of UPS. Chegg will cover the charges when they receive the package.

The final step is where you receive your money. As soon as Chegg has received your books, they will start working on sending you the promised amount. However, you need to have patience. Shipping itself is a time-taking activity. It takes a few days for Chegg to receive your package. Even after they have received it, they will have to process your package. That itself takes a few days. In total, it will take 10 to 15 business days for your sale to be carried out. After the processing, you will receive your payment through whichever mode you selected.

Chegg is just one of the many platforms where you can sell eBooks online. You can explore all the above methods and see which one suits your business needs best.

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